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Day Twenty Three – Salt Pans and Rude People

15th October 2011

sunny 40 °C

We were up and at the gate by 6.30 but it had opened 5 minutes early and Kathryn and Mark had already left. Redvers roared to life and within three km’s we had caught them. They’d been driving slowly.

At the first waterhole a male lion greeted us. He stood up, roared, relieved his bladder on a nearby plant, roared again and found another plant to scent mark. He roared one more time before going back to sleep under a shady tree.

Back on the road a herd of elephant crossed around our car and some baby ostrich lingered near mum and dad at the roads’ edge looking like a group of fluffy chickens.

Further along, we drove on to the Etosha salt pan. 500kms wide and 200kms from top to bottom it was huge and empty. The dry and cracked crust that remained from whatever water had been there provided an interesting backdrop so we jumped out took some ‘jump’ photos posed on Redvers had a wee and got back onto the road.

Further along still at Goas water hole we found lion sleeping near an 8 day old elephant carcass. You can’t imagine what that much rotten flesh smells like.

Once again in the pool, Laura had hold of Mark and Kathryns’ ball and I jumped in for a game of catch. We were merrily skimming the ball across the pool when I threw it a little too hard. It skimmed up and caught Somers square on the forehead. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was my girlfriends’ head that was the target, it’d have been a peach of a shot. I swam over asking was she ok but was beaten to her by an Austrian woman. Somers wasn’t really sore and she looked at the rapidly approaching lady waiting to tell her that all was well. Instead, the Austrian chick snatched the ball from Laura and stated firmly “You’re such rude people. Zat ball izn’t even yourz, it belongs to zose people over zer.” She took the ball over to the pools edge, were Kathryn stood reading enjoying the waters coolness. “Zose people stole your ball, you must have it back,” said the rule enforcer. “No, no, it’s quite alright, they’re my friends,” protested Kathryn. “No you must take it, they’re stealing it,” not grasping the situation she was now in. “Its fine,” Kathryn said as she threw the ball back to Laura. Austrian number 1 walked away, clearly in huff. Is no one from the mainland sane?

By the pool I watched the Liverpool vs. Man Utd game. I can only imagine Sir Alex drivelling about referees.

Later on we went out in Kathryns ‘Pope Mobile.’ A converted land cruiser with a roof that raises up to allow you to stand and do a bit of open air game viewing whilst sipping sundowners. Lions and dead elephant was the destination. Yet still they didn’t want to eat.

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